Sistem Alüminyum

Company Profile


Sistem Aluminium, has started to produce aluminum profiles in 1994, with a capacity of 800 tons with 1 press machine of 210 tons/month on 750 marea in Istanbul/Merter. The company had continued its production there until 1998 and then moved to its place in Istanbul/Hadımköy. With the new perspectives, our facility has been modernized with the conditions of modern time on its new place in Çorlu over an area of 330.000 mwith 60.000 mof closed space and with the addition of new 2.750 tons press machine with capacity of 1.100 tons/month, it has increased the production capacity to 35.000 tons/year.

Sistem Aluminum is an integrated plant which includes all of the processes starting with mold production, continuing with extrusion production, electrostatic powder coating, wood siding, anodized coatings, mechanical process and composite panel production; all the way to final applications. Our Die House supports our current production with CNC processing centers, modern branches and qualified staff. Mold production for special customer profiles is also executed here with modern equipment. It strengthens its place in the industry everyday with its range over 11.000 products. We also provide special color requests from our customers in addition to standard RAL colors, within our Static Powder Paint Facility with 7.000 tons of annual capacity. With our new Powder Coating unit becoming operational in Çorlu, we will be able to process profiles 8.000 mm in length. Together with the new anodizing facility becoming operational in Çorlu with the latest technology and where special color requests from our customers are studied, in addition to our Anodizing Facility that became operational in 2006, our annual capacity will be 24.000 tons/year. As an alternative surface coating, within our Wooden Transfer Coating department, which became operational in 2010, we can work on special colors and designs.

Together with the Machining Center, which became operational in 2010, we are able to conduct processes such as profile surface drilling, countersink drilling, unloading, CNC processes, precision cut, angled cut, punch drilling, drilling, cord etc.

Our company allocates a large part of its production capacity for exportation and also serves with the same quality in domestic markets. With this purpose, it has released curtain wall systems, isolated-nonisolated frames, sliding, skylight, steel reinforced facade, composite and stone faced sub-carrier systems, under the brand of ALUTECH SYSTEM SERIES, as a result of entirely their own efforts, technology and R & D activities.Systems presented to the industry have been tested with engineering tests at every stage and compliance with all accessories in European (EN) standards is provided. Our company, which is based on customer satisfaction as of the nature of its mission; adopted the principle of providing exceptional service with the profile designs that provide optimum solutions, with ease of installation with our details and with quality of materials and supply speed. Besides that, Aluminum Composite Panel (ALUTECHBOND), which is an irreplaceable part of facades, as it can respond to different designs and applications, is produced in our facility. For exterior and interior applications, different composite panels with the options of metallic color, matte color, and patterned colors are available and panels can be produced in the required measurements. With two production lines that have an annual capacity of 4.5 million m2, we are ready to offer the optimum solutions for your projects. ALUTECHBOND Aluminum Composite Panels can be used at temperatures ranging from -50oC to +80oC Our product is produced under the guarantee of SİSTEM ALÜMİNYUM IND. AND TRA. INC. and has a warranty period of 20 years.

Our company, which aims to be permanent and improve continuously in Aluminum profile industry, is advancing at a rapid pace in achieving this objective with its quality system studies. Our company has certificates such as CE, TSI, EN, Gost-R, QUALICOAT for Static powder coating applications, QUALANOD for anodized coating applications, as well as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO/IEC 27001 - Information Security Management System certificates. Besides, SİSTEM ALUMINUM IND. And. TRA. INC. confirms that the chemicals in the materials provided to you within REACH and ROHS restrictions (heavy metals) are within legal limits. We are honored to provide technical service to our customers for all of our products with all kinds of engineering and architectural compliance.